New York City has officially implemented its first secret coupons program in the United States.

The city launched a new program in late February, which was launched by a former City Council member. 

The program, called the “Victoria Secret Coupon Program,” is a partnership between the city and an organization called The Salvation Army, which has been providing cash vouchers to low-income families for nearly a decade.

The program allows people to redeem their coupons online or in person. 

In New York, people will receive a $10 voucher for a single meal.

That voucher can be redeemed for food at participating restaurants or any other food.

The Salvation King and The Salvation Missionary Church are among the organizations that offer vouchers.

The Salvation Army is a social service agency that provides assistance to people who are at risk of homelessness and other low-cost needs.

Salvation King, a charity that operates a homeless shelter in Manhattan, is a member of The Salvation Alliance, a national nonprofit that provides food and shelter services to people with limited means.

The “Victory Coupon” program was launched on Feb. 12, but it only became operational on Feb 19.

The first coupon was given to an individual on Feb 23, according to a city official.

The City Council will soon vote on whether to adopt the new program.

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