by John Cook from The Guardian article Balsam Hill is a popular spring resort in southern Queensland, and one of the most popular with backpackers.

The resort offers a fantastic array of outdoor activities, from hiking to canoeing to swimming.

It has a small population of around 150,000 people, and it’s popular with tourists.

But Balsams hills residents are increasingly worried about the rising levels of pollution that are causing their health problems.

Balsam Hills residents are concerned about rising levels in their drinking water source NewScientist article Residents of Balsamed Hill are increasingly concerned about the rise in their water pollution, as they worry about how their drinking-water supply is treated.

Residents in the resort, which is home to a number of beaches and is a short drive from the Brisbane CBD, say their drinking fountains are failing and are being treated with chemicals.

The issue is particularly acute for the town’s residents, who are predominantly young and white.

“I’m worried about my health,” said local resident Ashley Pemberton, a 40-year-old single mother of two who has asthma.

She said that although Balsamar has been a popular resort for many years, it is not safe to visit at this time of year.

A Balsamellah Springs resident has said she’s concerned about her drinking water Source NewScientism article Water treatment facilities are used at Balsamic Hill, but are not in the same condition as they are at Bali, where residents were shocked by the pollution last year.

Water treatment facilities have also been tested for elevated levels of carbon monoxide, a toxic gas.

NewScientist reported in February that Queensland’s air quality monitoring system showed an average level of 1.9 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide (CO2) in Balsama Hills air on February 15.

This level is well above the Queensland Government’s target of 0.5ppm.

On average, Balsamas water quality is worse than that of Bali and the town of Gungahlin, but the water quality in the area is not the worst.

In its latest quarterly report to the State Government, the Queensland Water and Environment Agency said the state’s air pollution level is comparable to the level at Balingas peak pollution peak, in January 2017.

It also reported that the Balsames drinking water is safe.

“Balsamedh Hill has a clean water system that treats water from a nearby well for treatment to reduce pollution and carbon monzo [a toxic gas], but the Bali residents drinking water has been treated with a higher level of pollutants than Balsamer Hill,” the agency said.

“It is important that the community be reassured that drinking water quality remains safe.”

Residents of the resort have expressed concerns about water quality Source New Scientist article The Balsammed Hill resident said that while the water in Bali is safe, the residents’ drinking water was not.

Water treatment was tested at the resort last year and found a level of carbon in the water at a level that was 10 times higher than the average level at the time, according to the EPA.

“[Balsams] water is being treated at the highest level in the state,” she said.

Pemberton said that despite the recent testing, the water was still too dirty for her to drink.

“I have asthma and my blood pressure is down,” she told NewScientists.

“I’ve been taking medications to reduce my asthma, and I’m getting a little bit sicker.

I have no choice.”

She added that there are many other areas where people were not treated at all and that they would need to go to Bali to get the treatment.

Mountain rescue team, who were in Balinga last year, told NewSciNews that they could not treat the residents because they were too far away Source NewScilNews article Residents have expressed concern about the health of the residents at Balams Hill, as well as the water supply source.

Several Balsamin Hill residents, including Pembertons son and grandson, are also suffering from respiratory problems.

They said they had to travel to Balsami Hills in an ambulance to get to Balingam Hills treatment.

“When we got to Balamedh, we got sick,” Pemberon said.

“There’s so many people in there, we couldn’t get the water from the water treatment.

We couldn’t even get the air freshener.

We were all vomiting and had to be carried out in an air ambulance.”

We went to the emergency department and we just had to give up.

It was the worst.

“In a letter sent to residents in March, Balamah Springs Mayor Mark Krumhans warned that the water pollution at Binsam Hills had a “severe and immediate impact” on the local community.

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