If you’re a fan of the original Jaws movie, this might be the best place to start.

You’ll get $20 off any of the movie’s three main instalments with code HONZERS.

Get a discount with code JAWS2 and save $20 on all three. 

The code can be redeemed at all of the retailer’s online outlets or the new HON ZEROHO store on Walmart.com.

If you don’t own a video game, you can also get a free upgrade to a PS3 or Xbox 360 for your birthday or anniversary.

The code also works on Xbox 360s or PS3s, but not both. 

HONZers, or HON in Japanese, is an acronym for “honest and fair” and is a common phrase in Japanese gaming circles.

You can see a list of HON codes here . 

It’s also a good time to get your own coupon if you’ve got one for the holiday season.

You don’t need to use code HONES to get $10 off your purchase, but the code will earn you $10 back.

Get your free coupon code  HERE . 

If you’re not a fan, you could also check out the other ways you can get a discount on your next purchase, like the discount codes for the PlayStation Store, Amazon and Apple Store. 

These codes are also available on Walmart’s site.

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