The Rei Code is now on sale.

The code allows you to receive a $150 home loan, which typically starts with a down payment and the purchase of the home.

But it also lets you earn interest on the loan as you move through the loan process.

Here are some Rei code codes to get you started: $200,000 to buy your first home: This is the first code in the program.

You’ll receive a 20 percent down payment, $150 of which will go toward the purchase price.

The rest of the money will be held by the bank.

The bank is also financing the loan.

The next step is for the bank to pay the loan off and receive the balance back.

After you pay off the loan, you’ll receive another 20 percent of your down payment.

$500,000 buy a new home: The next Rei home code is for $500-plus.

You will earn interest and the bank will pay the mortgage off.

After paying off the mortgage, you will receive another 10 percent of the down payment from the bank and another 10.5 percent of interest.

After the mortgage is paid off, the bank has the rest of your $500 down payment in the bank’s checking account.

The remaining $250 will be kept in your checking account to pay off your mortgage and then the rest will be used to pay your house down payment as you go through the process.

$1 million-plus to buy a home in your backyard: This one is for your backyard.

You won’t get any interest, but you’ll get up to $2 million to pay down your mortgage.

After that, you get another $250,000 from the account.

$3 million to buy the same house in your hometown: The code will pay you up to 10 percent interest.

Once you pay the balance off, you’re on to the next code.

$5 million to own your own house in Los Angeles: The bank will help you pay down the mortgage.

The interest will be 10 percent on the home purchase, and 10 percent in the downpayment.

After a downpayment of $250 and the first $250 is paid down, the rest is used to finance your mortgage payment.

The first code lets you keep the remaining balance in your account.

Next up, $10 million to purchase a home outside of Los Angeles.

The lender will pay off any down payments and the remaining money is then used to fund your home purchase.

The second code gives you another 20% of the purchase down and 20% in interest.

You can use the money from the home to pay for other home purchases and also to pay to pay other lenders and utilities.

To learn more about Rei codes, check out this article.

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