By now, the Falcons are the favorites to win their division, and with the bye week coming up, I am going to pick the Eagles to win the division.

The Eagles are a good team, with the potential to be a Super Bowl contender.

Their offensive line is one of the best in the NFL and they have the pieces to be dominant.

With a QB with Chip Kelly’s reputation and experience, the Eagles will have a good chance to get back to the playoffs this year.

The Eagles defense has the pieces for success, and if the offensive line can continue to play at a high level, the defense should have enough firepower to shut down the quarterback and the run game.

The defense also has the talent to stop the run, and the Eagles could even sneak into the playoffs with a win.

If they can get off to a strong start against the Falcons, the offense could really push the game in their favor.

The Falcons are a much different team than the Eagles.

They are an extremely talented team, and should be one of those teams that wins the NFC South this year, but it will be hard to win a division title without them.

They have been a dominant team in the division for years, and I expect them to make another run at the NFC East title this year after their dominant finish last season.

The Falcons have the most talented offensive line in the league, and will be able to play well against the Eagles’ defense.

Atlanta’s defense has been one of their biggest weaknesses this season, and it should be able get back on track with a strong effort.

Atlanta has a few players who have NFL experience and could make an impact on defense, including DE Adrian Clayborn, who will be an important piece for Atlanta.

Clayborn should have a huge impact on the defense this year and could be a steal for the Eagles, especially if they can keep their defensive line healthy.

The defensive line could also be a big reason why the Falcons struggled in 2015.

They struggled to stop Adrian Peterson and DeMarco Murray, two of the top running backs in the game, and that could play a huge role this year as well.

Atlanta should have the best defense in the NFC, and this is just the beginning of the Falcons’ run to a Superdome run.

The Bengals will be the favorite to win this division, but the Eagles have a lot of work to do to get the job done.

The Bengals are loaded with talent and could have a great defense.

The secondary has a ton of talent and the Bengals will have trouble stopping Russell Wilson, who is a very talented quarterback.

The linebackers and secondary could have an impact as well, but I expect the Bengals to struggle to stop Wilson.

This will be a great year for the Bengals, and they could be one to watch this year in the playoffs.

The Ravens could have some problems at cornerback, but they could get some help in the secondary from the Steelers and Steelers.

The Steelers will be facing off against the Colts this season and could come out in the top half of the AFC.

If the Ravens can take care of business against the Steelers, they will be one for the playoffs, and we could see a lot more of the same from them this year with the help of the secondary.

The Ravens defense has an impressive defense and should get back into the mix after a great finish last year.

Baltimore could even surprise a lot people this year by making the playoffs if they get off on the right foot.

The Steelers will have to win at least three games to get a chance to challenge the Ravens for the division title.

They need to beat the Colts, and beat the Bills, who have some of the worst offenses in the AFC and could win a lot on the road against the Patriots.

The Patriots have a very solid defense and could get a lot better with more experience.

Pittsburgh has some talented players on the offensive side of the ball and could dominate the Ravens offense.

The Bills defense will have some injuries and have some questions, but if the offense can stay on track, they could still make a run at winning a Superbowl.

The offense could be even more dangerous, and Pittsburgh could be in the running to win it all.

The Browns could be the most dangerous team in football, and a big factor in this division could be QB Joe Flacco, who has had some ups and downs this season.

Flacco is the only QB who has played in more games than Flacco this year — 11 to 11 — and he has been a disaster this year despite his great talent.

If Flacco can stay healthy and stay in the pocket, he should be unstoppable and the Browns will be no threat to beat him.

The Jaguars are one of my favorite teams in the entire NFL, and in the second half of their season, they have a chance for a great season.

They could make some noise in the wild card race with a huge win over the Seahawks

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