A new wave of coupon codes has hit the market for a few different reasons.

One of them is to make sure you get the most out of your coupon.

Here are some of the best ones to get in your inbox.


Receive a 1-month, $40 off trial promo code for the following products: Amazon Prime Video – $49.99 1 year, $69.99, $119.99 – 3 months, $49 (1 month), $74 (1 year), $129 (3 months), $139 (3 years) 2.

Get a 1 month, $50 off promo code and save $60 with a 2-month trial code for your favorite e-reader or mobile device, as well as a 1 year trial code to try out your e-book.


Save $10 off your first order of 2 new Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones with a coupon code from Samsung.


Get your first month of Amazon Prime.com.


Get 1 month of Reebok Free for Life with a 1.5-month coupon code.


Save up to $30 off your purchase of $150 in one or more categories.


Save as much as $10 on any new pair of sunglasses or headphones when you spend $300 on them.


Get free shipping on new or used electronics at the U.S. Postal Service.


Get up to 50% off on a new pair or pair of shoes at select retailers including Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s.


Get 30% off select cosmetics when you purchase through your Nordstrom online store.


Get an instant 10% off code for any purchase at Nordstrom.


Get $10 of free shipping when you sign up for Amazon Prime or Shopify Prime.


Get 15% off at Target.


Get the best deal on up to 5 of your favorite items at Target, Walmart and Amazon.


Get 20% off all of your select electronics purchases with a one-time code from Target.


Get 3 months of free delivery on new purchases at select stores.


Get 10% of your order value back when you return your eligible items.


Get 5% off your next purchase of a gift with a special code.


Get 25% off a new iPhone X or a $500 discount on a brand new Samsung smartphone with a code from Apple.


Get 50% discount on select electronics and appliances at select Macy’s.


Get 12% off online purchases at Nordecosters.com, Walmart.com and Costco.com with a discount code.


Get FREE shipping on select items and accessories.


Get 2 months of a free trial of your preferred brand of mobile device when you use the promo code from Amazon.


Get 60% off with a $300 qualifying purchase of select Samsung Galaxy phones.


Get 35% off when you buy $300 worth of merchandise from Amazon or Walmart.


Get Free Shipping with any new smartphone with code from T-Mobile.


Get another free trial from Togo when you pay with your credit card.


Get 40% off Samsung Galaxy devices with a promo code.


Get unlimited 3 month shipping when buying $25 or more at Walmart.


Get access to over $100,000 in savings through Amazon Prime and Shopify, including $100 off new and used computers.


Get 4 free weeks of free Amazon Prime shipping when checking your order online, by signing up for the Amazon Prime Mobile App.


Get all the benefits of a $50 credit on any qualifying purchase at Walmart and more.


Get five free nights of a Disney Vacation Club Club hotel stay when you register for a new account.


Get one month of a new Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription when you check your order through the app.


Get Amazon Prime membership to save 30% when you shop on Amazon.com or shop at any of its U.K. and Canadian stores.


Get 7-day free shipping for orders over $99.99.


Get 24-hour shipping on any Amazon order when you checkout.


Get two free days of free trial shipping when purchasing through the Amazon Appstore.


Get three free days free when ordering through the Appstore or ordering online.


Get discount on new Amazon Prime memberships when you visit any of Amazon’s stores.


Get 6-month free shipping with Amazon.co.uk, as long as you spend at least $35 a month on the site.


Get exclusive Amazon.ca delivery for your Kindle eBooks and other eligible purchases at Amazon.io, Kindle Unlimited, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle Publishing Unlimited, Amazon.to and Amazon Store.


Get complimentary Amazon.fr delivery for orders up to US$2,000.


Get priority shipping on eligible Amazon.me orders over US$150

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