With the launch of Adidas’ Roadhouse brand, the footwear company has finally made its mark.

The new sneakers feature the familiar logo on the heel, but are adorned with the brand’s iconic Mountain Mike motif.

The Mountain Mike sneaker has a $250 price tag but the Mountain Mike sneakers are available for $199 on Amazon.com and $199 at the NBA Shop.

Adidas has also introduced three colorways of the sneakers, which include the new red, black, and white colorways, which are available now.

The Mountain Mikes sneakers feature a midsole and a mesh upper.

The shoes are available at the following retailers:Boscovski (US) (US), Best Buy (US).

Adidas (US, Canada) (Canada).

Best Buy.

(US and Canada). 

G.M. (UK, Ireland, Australia). 

Lacoste (US.


Mountain Mike Shoes: $199 (US only).

Adidas Roadhouse Mountain Mike (US price): $199. 

Adidas Mountain Mike (US $200): $299. 

Giro (US/Canada price: $299). 

Viber (US cost: $399). 

Nike+ (US): $350. 

Lace (US-only): $450. 

Nordstrom (US availability: US only). 

SNEAK PEEK: Nike+ Mountain Miles and the new Adidas Roadhouses on Nike+ for just $249.99 (US only) LACE (US sale price: US $299) Nudie (US available only)

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