I know, this is a crazy idea, right?

But there’s a way to get your freebie without even having to type in a code.

Here are 10 ways you can code in seconds to get an item for free.


Free gift code with purchase 2.

Coupon code in your cart 3.

Code will appear in cart on checkout page 4.

Code shows up on your credit card 5.

Code is applied directly to your credit cards 6.

Codes are applied to your purchases 7.

Coupons are sent via email, and your credit is credited automatically without you having to enter a code or click the link 6.

No need to register for an account 7.

Your card details will be protected against identity theft 8.

No extra fees or commissions – we’re not tracking your credit 9.

No more waiting for the email confirmation 10.

You can get any of these freebies anytime you want – from the moment you open your email account.


Get a free copy of The Lad, The Bible’s bestselling Bible series by the award-winning author of the bestselling The Bible and the Bible Superheroes series.


Enter code “TIGER” at checkout to get FREE THE LAD 2.

Free book on your favorite topic.


Get free book with purchase of $25 or more.


Free Bible book with $25+ purchase.


Get one-month trial membership of The Bible School.


Get two-months trial membership.


Get three-months free trial membership and get a FREE copy of the latest edition of The Illustrated Bible.


Free monthly Bible subscription.


Get the first six issues of The Weekly Bible (a weekly Bible digest) free, plus access to all the exclusive content in our Bible Vault.


Get your copy of THE LODGING CODE, a bible-themed eBook.

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