A couple who bought their wedding ring for a cool $10 from the internet can now claim it as their own thanks to a website that allows them to do just that.

According to the New York Post, the couple, whose names were not disclosed, contacted the company, The WeddingBand, to inquire about buying a ring.

When they asked about the website’s $10 discount, they received an email that explained that it was a limited-time offer and the discount had expired.

The couple paid the $10 for the ring, but were told they could keep the ring.

The couple then contacted The Wedding Band again, this time asking for a refund.

They were told that they could try contacting the company again.

The wedding band that they bought was purchased at the same shop where they bought their first ring.

They paid $50 for the first ring and received another $50 discount.

The $50 was then returned to the couple.

They are now hoping to return the ring to the store that bought it.

The post says that the couple contacted the site on Tuesday, August 19, but they haven’t received a response.

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