I was on a bus ride to Jacksonville this weekend and noticed a sticker on the back of the bus that read “Kick a Football to Boot Barn!”

It seemed so ridiculous to me.

I figured if the Jaguars were to build a new stadium in the downtown area of Jacksonville, it would have to be at least a decade old, with no major renovations.

And I figured that since they would need to rent out a lot of space and renovate it, that the price tag was a joke.

I have to say, it was.

But I digress.

So I was surprised when I heard the news last week that the Jacksonville Jaguars had agreed to pay $500 million to buy the property that was once the home of the Jacksonville Panthers.

I’m a big fan of the Panthers, but I’m not going to spend a fortune on a stadium that has a history of having major renovations and hasn’t been used since 1989.

That’s a joke, I thought.

The deal has been signed with the Jacksonville City Council.

The Jaguars are expected to begin play in 2017.

And what did we learn?

The team’s owner and president, Shad Khan, will get $250 million in a cash infusion to cover $500M in renovations.

This is an incredible deal for the team.

And the Jaguars will likely get a better return on their investment than they would have with the city, according to an Associated Press story.

But the team is also getting a huge return for the taxpayers, and I guess they will have to wait to see how much money they can get for the property.

I think we are seeing a lot more of these kinds of deals.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will get a $500m taxpayer infusion in exchange for renovating the stadium.

And that is a deal that has never been done before.

I am also excited to see what happens in the rest of the NFL when it comes to paying for stadiums, but this deal is definitely going to blow my mind.

This deal is going to make me really happy.

The team will get to build this stadium in a relatively new, low-cost area of the city.

This will help the city out tremendously, as the team will be able to create thousands of jobs and provide many more opportunities for the local community.

I was so excited to sign this deal, because it has never happened before.

The city of Jacksonville will get more money to do what it needs to do in order to provide this type of economic opportunity for the city as a whole.

I thought that this was a huge deal, but that it was a little bit premature to be doing it now.

And as a result, the Jaguars are now going to have to sell the land in order for the Jaguars to renovate.

It is not a good situation.

But what is interesting is that the team has already made some changes to their team facility.

I’ve been told by multiple people that they are looking to get rid of the turf that the Jaguars play on in order not to ruin the field, which has always been a great field for the NFL.

The new field will be made out of a material called turf, which is very, very durable.

And it is the same material used by the NFL for their new stadium.

The field will also have a turf turf surface that is similar to what the NFL uses for the Jacksonville Superdome.

And they have a lot to do with how much the Jaguars’ new stadium will cost.

According to the Associated Press, the stadium will be a $1.6 billion project.

This includes $600 million in state tax credits and $250,000 in private investment that will allow for the renovations.

The state also gave the Jaguars $500 in state incentives.

So this is a $3.4 billion deal.

And when you combine the state tax breaks and private investment, the final cost is $2.7 billion.

That is $3 billion more than the original plan, which was $2 billion.

And now the Jaguars can use the money to improve the field on the stadium, which will make it much more sustainable in the future.

The $500K in state subsidies and $150K in private funding for the stadium is just a drop in the bucket for this project.

The renovations are a great way to add to the stadium’s value and make it more competitive.

I believe that it is a great investment for the community, and the Jaguars fans will get the opportunity to have the best stadium in football.

The stadium renovation is a win-win-win for both parties, and this deal makes the Jaguars stadium even more competitive in the long run.

And if the team stays in Jacksonville and the new stadium is completed, then I think the team can make the playoffs.

I also think the Jaguars could make a run at the playoffs and get back to the Super Bowl.

The Jags are already looking to the future, and their new team

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