A handful of NFL players are planning to give away thousands of dollars worth of college basketball, football and other products at the upcoming summer camps for kids.

The NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball and the Canadian Football League have announced a partnership with the United States Basketball Association to provide players with a variety of products to get kids through the summer.

The league says the deals are part of its annual Youth Basketball Academy program, which is a collaborative effort between the leagues and the U.S. Basketball Association.

The leagues are also launching an online program where players can buy NBA, MLB and NFL merchandise.

The deals will be available from July 16 through July 22 at participating locations in the U, M and NC states, according to a statement from the league.

The leagues said the proceeds from the deals will benefit youth basketball programs at the leagues’ academies.

It said the deals include a $10,000 scholarship for a player who participates in summer camps, as well as other incentives for participation.

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