More than a dozen local and national charities have partnered with Disney’s Epcot and Walt Disney World Resort for their annual Disney Vacation Club coupons, with more to come.

The parks have teamed up with local charities for a variety of things including:A voucher for a Disney-themed ride at Disney California Adventure parkThis offer includes one ride per person, and includes a complimentary drink, beverage voucher, and souvenir gift.

The parks have also partnered with local schools to offer a special discount for children and families, offering a special gift for a student or parent at no additional charge.

The deals will expire on December 15, 2018.

The coupons offer a variety options for people visiting the parks for the first time.

The discounts apply to purchases at the Disney resorts, including the following attractions:Dumbo is on a boat at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park.

It will be available for purchase with a Disney gift card, and will be delivered to your door.

The ship will depart from Sea World Orlando.

The Adventures of Tintin and The Lion King are on a raft at DisneySea in Orlando.

It is also available for sale with a gift card.

The boat will depart in the morning, and the ship will arrive at your destination in the evening.

The ride will take you on a trip to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney California Beach, and more.

The trip will include water sports and activities, including a beach volleyball tournament.

The ticket includes a free souvenir drink and beverage voucher.

Disney is offering a new ticket that includes one of four Disney-inspired rides, one of five dining experiences at Disney World, and one of two food options at Disney Springs.

The price is $49.99, and it includes one free ride.

This ticket includes one meal, and you will receive the voucher, which you will then use at a select Disney resort.

The new Disney-branded coupons are available through November 18, 2019.

The Parks Department has a list of recommended Disney resort dates for families, which includes:Disney Springs:November 20, 2019, to December 15Disney’s Hollywood & Vineyard:November 21, 2019 to December 14Disney’s Contemporary Resort:November 22, 2019To view the list, visit

The date is subject to change.

The following is a list for other Disney resort date-specific coupons.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom:November 23, 2019Disney’s Animal House:November 24, 2019The Epcot resort:November 25, 2019Tiny Toons:November 26, 2019 Disney California Adventures:November 27, 2019Hollywood Studios:November 28, 2019Epcot Waterfront:November 29, 2019Astro World:November 30, 2019Mt.

Olympus:November 31, 2019Magic Kingdom Lodge &amp.

Spa:November 32, 2019Guided Tours:November 33, 2019Frozen:November 34, 2019Mickey’s Polynesian Adventure:November 35, 2019Fireworks:November 36, 2019Dumbo:November 37, 2019Pete’s Tropical Vacation Resort:December 1, 2019Kafkaesque:December 2, 2019Pinocchio:December 3, 2019Water Street Inn:December 4, 2019Sleeping Beauty Castle:December 5, 2019

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