Google has released a new feature that allows you to add the free Pandora Gift Card to your account.

The feature is available on the Google Wallet app and in the Google Pay app.

This means that you can use it to get an extra $10 towards a free gift card, and then spend the remaining $10 on other purchases.

Google’s new feature means that the first time you add the card to a Google Pay account, you’ll get a prompt to enter your credit card details.

This allows you and your bank to sync your card.

This is where the other benefit of this new feature comes in: it means that Google Pay can automatically pay you when you’re out of the UK.

This is a feature that has been a popular one on Google Pay for a while now.

In April, Google announced that it would add this feature to the app and to the Google Card Manager, the service that is used to store the payments that you make from your bank cards.

This feature will also allow Google Pay to automatically pay for purchases when you are out of your country.

Google Wallet and Google Pay have been linked together in the past, so this new update to the service means that this is the first major feature that Google has introduced to its mobile wallet in recent months.

The company has also updated its card manager to allow users to add new cards and add more transactions, and has added a new shopping list that lets you see how many people you have recently purchased from a specific merchant.

The new feature is currently limited to UK users, but it does mean that the Google Play store will work on this new card.

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