By Michael Hickey, BBC NewsOnline reporterLondon – Dunkin donut coupons offer a free Dunkas can of Dunkin Doughnuts.

It is available to use online or in store and the offer lasts until 12:01am on Saturday (15:01 GMT on Sunday).

You can apply for the offer by filling in the online form below and returning the voucher within 12 hours of receiving it.

If you apply online, you can claim a discount of up to 30%.

You can also get an additional voucher of £3.50 from the Dunkin Food Centre at Victoria Park.

“You’ll be able to use the voucher for a variety of activities such as taking your children for a walk in the park or picking up their bags for them at the shop,” said Dunkin spokesperson Claire Bower.

“The value of the voucher is determined by the product being used and the price of the product itself.”

The offer is valid for a minimum of one month, but you can extend the term by using the coupon once.

“If you’re using a product and don’t have enough money for a replacement or have to use your voucher again, it can also be applied for online or at the Dunkins store,” said Bower, adding that Dunkin had not received any complaints about the vouchers.

The discount will only apply to regular purchases.

Dunkin are offering a voucher of $10 off any regular shop purchases, including food, books, music and cinema tickets.

If the offer is accepted, it will be available for use from Tuesday (3 November) through to Monday (15 November).

“If this voucher is used on the same item or on a similar item and you buy a new item, you’ll be automatically refunded the difference.

So, you could save money by not buying the same old thing,” said Ms Bower adding that this would only apply if you bought two or more items.”

For example, if you use the same voucher for two books, you won’t be refunded.”

The company said that this offer was limited to people over the age of 19.

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