Diners can save up to $10 per person at a single dining experience, or up to a maximum of $60 per day for large groups, according to the National Association of Chain Restaurants.

But restaurants with a pet-friendly environment can save even more, depending on the size of their dining room. 

For instance, diners at several popular chains, including Kohls, DineOn and Denny’s, can save $50 at one of their chain restaurants per person on the pet-focused Dine On Plus, according the association’s website.

And the $100 bonus at one chain’s Best Western restaurant, which has a large pet room, is worth a whopping $200 per person, according to a statement from the chain. 

At Denny is $50 off for each dog, cat or ferret.

And at Dine on, they can save an extra $50 on a meal of any size, from small appetizers to entrees.

Diners also can use coupons at other chain restaurants.

For example, Denny and DineO’s are $25 off for a full meal with a dog, $25 for a half meal with dogs and cats, and $25 per person for large group. 

Diners can also buy pet food at some restaurants. 

On the DineRite website, a “Dog & Cat Meal” is $10, which is $5 off for dogs and up to 20 pounds for cats, while the $5 dog and cat meal is $15 for a dog and up, up to two dogs and 10 pounds for pets. 

But for the most part, the best deals can be found at chain restaurants that don’t have pet-specific deals.

Dineo is $25-50 off on the “Dog Plus” for a four-ounce portion for dogs, and the $10-20 dog meal is only $5. 

The chain is offering discounts to employees at all levels.

Employees can save 10 percent on the cost of a $40 meal, while those with a $50-75 membership can save a whopping 30 percent.

Diner’s Club members get the lowest-cost “Doggie” meal at $9.95, while members with a membership with more than 10 restaurants can save 30 percent on a $30 meal. 

Restaurants are also offering discounts on pet food and accessories. 

In some cases, the discounts apply only to a certain type of food, while others offer discounted items to a wider array of pets.

Some of the top pet-centric restaurants include the Diner Life Group, Diner Club and The Humane Society of the United States. 

Pet food, accessories and pet-themed meals are all available at participating restaurants, including at Diner on, Dines on, The Humane Club and Dines at Home.

The list also includes restaurants that are offering discounted pet-related items at the chain’s other locations.

Dines Club members can get the $30-40 Doggie meal, as well as $10 off the $40-60 Doggie Plus meal.

Pet products can also be found in pet-safe locations.

Pet-safe dog beds, food, towels, bowls, crates, cat litter, toys, and other pet accessories are available at many chain restaurants, the association said. 

To find the best price on pet products and pet accessories, use the links below. 

Check the website for a complete list of all the Dines locations, including discounts and special offers. 

Visit the National Association of Chain Restaurations for more information.

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