A new study has revealed that churches can offer a significant discount on church supplies at least for those who aren’t willing to pay for them.

The study, which surveyed 1,000 American churches, showed that while most of the church supplies are still free to buy online, the discount varies by location.

For example, some churches are offering $5 off coupons for every $1 you spend.

But other churches are charging $5 for $1 and $20 for $10.

In some places, the discounts are $1 for every 10 dollars spent, and in others, it’s $2 for every 20 dollars spent.

The discounts may seem a little strange to many, but that’s because they’re often available for a limited time, said researcher Dr. Christopher Naylor, a professor of marketing and public relations at George Washington University.

He noted that the discounts vary widely by location and also may not be available for the same price.

“It’s very common to see discounts on certain items, but not others,” Naylor said.

For example, he said, “Some are $10 off coupons, but some are $20 off coupons.

It’s not necessarily the same, but they’re very different.”

The study is the latest to find out how much churches are able to charge.

In August, the IRS released a report that found that some churches were making a profit of $2.8 billion on sales of their services, and some were making more than $3 billion in revenue.

That’s because the IRS counted some churches as nonprofit, which allows them to use tax-exempt status as a source of revenue.

Many of the more than 2,000 churches that participated in the study had either been chartered by churches or had received a grant from the IRS to build their own facilities.

The IRS found that these churches had the best sales and profits in the country.

But Naylor’s research found that many churches weren’t getting the best deals on supplies, especially when it came to church supplies.

Naylor said that some stores are charging prices higher than they would be selling them at retail.

“The stores are making money because they don’t have to buy anything, so they don and they can,” he said.

In other cases, Naylor found that churches were charging more for supplies than they should be.

He said that in a large church with thousands of members, “the amount of supplies that a church could purchase at the mall was very low, and if you had a church with a small number of members it could make a profit, but it’s not a big church.”

Naylor found a different kind of loophole in the government’s guidelines for churches, which allow them to charge a percentage of their income on the sale of goods and services.

That percentage could vary from 10 percent for an average store to 50 percent for a church that had a few hundred members.

“If you had 100 people and 100 percent of the money you make is on a store shelf, then you’re really not doing much,” he explained.

“But if you have 100 people that are buying groceries, you’re selling groceries at a rate of $10, and they’re paying $5, you might have a profit on the store shelf.”

The church study was funded by the Beckett Foundation.

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