By KENNETH HARRISCNNMoney –New Delhi:Airbnb, the world’s largest online platform for hosts to book rooms and share spaces with travelers, is launching a special deal for customers.

The $15,000 promotion, which will last until February 24, will include up to three nights of accommodation and meals at two popular hotels in the capital, New Delhi.

For the first time, the company is offering a special price of $2,000 for booking a room and meal.

This discount is valid from February 24 to February 28, according to Airbnb.

“This is a significant deal that brings even more value to our guests,” said John Dolan, Airbnb chief operating officer.

“We are thrilled to partner with Airbnb to give our guests the best value on a nightly basis.”

Airbnb is offering its guests two free nights of Airbnb accommodation in New Delhi with the price of Rs 2,000 per night.

The discount is also available at other New Delhi hotels, including the Hyatt Regency, the Sheraton New Delhi, and the New Delhi Palace.

Airbnb has been making its hotel booking process easier and more convenient for customers for several years.

Last year, the platform made reservations at a number of hotels in India, including four in Delhi and three in Mumbai.

The company also has a mobile app that helps users book rooms, offer tips on hotels and offer travel recommendations.

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