New Scientist is pleased to announce the winners of the Best Gift Card for 2018 prize, a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

These vouchers are designed to encourage you to spend on online purchases, and are eligible for up to a $5 gift card.

They are available in Amazon, Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, Best Buy, B&Q, and Costco stores.

The winners will be announced in the coming weeks.

Here’s how to redeem the vouchers: If you’ve bought a new Kindle, iPad, or Nook smartphone in the last year, or purchased a subscription to Amazon Prime, then you’ll love the Amazon Gift Cards.

They have a discount of up to 60% and they come in a variety of denominations: $10 (1.25 Amazon gift card), $25 (1 Amazon gift certificate), $50 (1 gift card) and $100 (5 gift cards).

These cards can be redeemed at more than 100,000 participating retailers, including Amazon, Bestbuy, Dollar Store, Target and Walmart.

These cards are also eligible for a $20 Amazon Prime credit.

Amazon has announced it will start charging $0.99 per gift card on the first $50 you spend, which is a big incentive for people to take advantage of these vouchers.

The Amazon Giftcards are available to buy at all participating retailers in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Norway, Singapore, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Icelanders and the Netherlands. 

The Amazon GiftCard is currently available to book a book through Amazon or any other retailer.

You can redeem your Amazon Giftcard for a gift card at any of the participating retailers and at participating Amazon Prime stores and online.

Amazon will also give you an Amazon Gift card at checkout for $5 off your first order.

The $5 Amazon Gift will go towards paying for your books or for any purchases you make using 

Best Buy will give you a $25 Amazon Gift voucher. 

Target is offering $50 Amazon Gift vouchers. 

Walmart is offering a $50 Walmart Gift voucher for a new smartphone or tablet. 


Q is giving you a new Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S7, a Galaxy S8, or Galaxy Note8 for $150, a new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro for $100, a Sony Xperia XZ Premium for $250, a Lenovo Yoga 15 for $350, a Toshiba Chromebook for $500, or a new Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus for $1000. 

Amazon will also gift you $5 iTunes gift cards for every $100 spent on Amazon products in 2018. 

You can redeem these vouchers at select participating retailers including Walmart, BestBuy,, and Walmart Supercenter.

You may have to visit a participating Walmart store to get your gift card, but if you visit Walmart stores in the United States, Canada and Australia, you will be able to redeem your vouchers online. 

If you’re in the market for a used book, the Amazon gift cards can save you $30 to $60 on your next purchase.

The new $50 gift cards will go toward paying for books or a purchase you make with Amazon. 

 If this list sounds familiar, that’s because Amazon and Walmart have similar terms.

The Best Buy gift cards come with a $15 Amazon gift voucher, and the Walmart gift cards have a $35 Amazon gift coupon.

You’ll also want to check out the Amazon Amazon Prime program, which lets you get free shipping on your purchases with Prime memberships.

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