By Emily MolnarPublished December 11, 2018 11:10:06As we have mentioned in the past, Amazon Prime membership is quite a bargain compared to what you might pay for a regular membership.

And this has only grown over the last couple of years, with the company now offering two levels of discounts for Prime members, one that’s based on the quantity of items purchased, and one that varies based on your location and region.

To find out how much Amazon Prime customers are paying for their products, we looked at the price per item for each Prime product, as well as the price that Amazon Prime would have to pay to ship that product to a customer.

Here’s what we found.

Amazon Prime Prime Membership (PDF)Amazon Prime Member’s Price per Product: Amazon Prime’s Prime membership offer is not for everyone, but for the most part, Amazon does offer discounts on many products for Prime subscribers.

In our search for Prime membership, we found that Prime members who purchased the following items could save some cash on their next order:Amazon Prime Membership Coupons (PDF): Amazon offers two kinds of Prime membership coupons, one for Prime items purchased in the US and one for items purchased overseas.

The Amazon Prime Membership coupon for the US, which you can find here, is $14.99 per month.

This coupon has a $5.99 minimum spend limit.

Amazon’s Amazon Prime Member Coupons for the EU, which are only available for orders of less than $150, offer the following discounts:Amazon’s Prime Member Rewards Coupons: This coupon offers a $50 Amazon Prime Reward credit for Prime Members who purchase up to $100 worth of products.

The coupon can be redeemed for free shipping, and you can also earn 1% cashback on Amazon purchases.

Amazon has a wide selection of Prime items to choose from.

Here are the top three items that you can buy in Amazon Prime for less than the cost of a regular Prime membership:Amazon Amazon Prime Members Coupons and Rewards Coupon(PDF): This coupon gives you the opportunity to redeem Amazon Prime Rewards Couponeries.

The discount is limited to one item per order and can be used on up to 3 items at a time.

Amazon Amazon Rewards Couponing Coupon (PDF: 1, 2): This Amazon Rewards coupon is available only for Amazon Members who have chosen to receive their first Prime Membership credit.

You can redeem this coupon once for up to one $25 Amazon Prime credit and once for an additional $25.

Amazon’s Amazon Rewards offers may be more appealing than Amazon’s, but the Amazon Rewards offer is still a bargain for Prime.

Amazon is also offering a few other discounts that aren’t tied to Prime memberships.

Amazon offers discounts on certain items in its retail stores.

For example, if you buy one of these items from a Walmart store, you’ll get a $10 discount.

These discounts may vary depending on the retailer, and the discount can’t be used with Amazon Prime or other Prime-branded purchases.

Finally, we tested the pricing of a range of Amazon Prime-only items.

For a variety of items, the Amazon Prime subscription includes the following free shipping:Amazon Echo Dot Amazon Echo Dot Smart Home SpeakerAmazon Echo LaptopAmazon Echo PhoneAmazon Echo Show Amazon Echo Show 2 Amazon Echo 2 Amazon Prime Starter KitAmazon Prime Starter Starter Kit 2Amazon Echo Home Alexa Home Alexa Prime 2Amazon Prime Home Alexa SpeakerAmazon Prime 2 Amazon Starter Starter Amazon Prime Amazon Prime Prime Prime 2 3 Amazon Echo 3Amazon Echo 4Amazon Echo Echo 5Amazon Echo 2 2 Amazon Laptop Amazon Laptops Amazon Lighthouses Amazon Luggage Amazon Lamps Amazon LensesAmazon Luggage AccessoriesAmazon Laptos Amazon Laundry Amazon Locker DocksAmazon LighthubsAmazon Lighthouse Amazon Lighthouse 2 Amazon Smart Home Amazon Smart BatteriesAmazon Laptop CaseAmazon Locker Cleaner Amazon Loom Amazon LomographyAmazon Locks Amazon Locks 2 Amazon LockersAmazon Lomomography Amazon Locking Amazon Latch Amazon LidsAmazon Latch 2 Amazon Storage Amazon Lumbar BandsAmazon Loomy Amazon Lumpy Amazon Lutecamp Amazon Lumber Amazon Lunge Amazon Lush Amazon LugsAmazon LumbarsAmazon Lumpy LumpsAmazon Lugs 2Amazon Lushy Amazon StickersAmazon Lumber Lumber 1Amazon Lure Amazon Lures Amazon LubesAmazon LutepodsAmazon Lunches Amazon Lumps Amazon LuffersAmazonLuffers 2Amazon Mop Amazon LuzziesAmazon SticksAmazon Luzzy Luzzie Amazon LubricantsAmazon Lubricators 2Amazon Cloth Amazon Cloths Amazon Cloth 2Amazon Stickers Amazon Sticks 2Amazon TotesAmazon Lumps 1Amazon Tote Amazon Totes Amazon LotionAmazon Lotion 1Amazon BagsAmazon BongsAmazon Laundries Amazon LingerieAmazon LingeriesAmazon EarplugsAmazon EarwaxAmazon Stinger

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