By Mike CernovichA coupon code is a phrase that’s sometimes used to describe a coupon you’re interested in, or an offer that’s been posted to the site.

The term was first used by Gawker and Gawker Media to describe the way they’re tracking down coupons that are advertised on sites like and other retailers.

Gawker Media was also using it to identify a coupon for a book that was advertised for $12.99, but which you’d never seen.

As you might imagine, that’s where it’s gotten a bit murky.

Gawker was eventually forced to admit that it didn’t actually track down the coupon for the book, but rather the coupon code, which it’s now calling a “coupon code.”

The fact that the code wasn’t on the site was actually a way to keep tabs on Gawker’s own coupons, and it led to a massive PR headache for the company.

Gawker Media has since moved to remove the code from the site, and a Google search for the word “couple” returns a slew of similar-looking search results.

Gawker has now made a plea for the public to help the company find the real source of the code.

In a statement to the Verge, Gawker Media VP of public relations Dan Dicks said that Gawker Media doesn’t use coupon codes to track down coupon sales or offers, and that the site is only tracking down these coupons as they come in from Amazon.

It’s unclear what the terms and conditions of the coupon codes that are being shared are.

The fact that Gawker is now sharing this code with the public could help its advertisers better understand the terms of the deals and how much money people are willing to spend on their products.

Gawker is still paying $250,000 to the authors of the book The Book of Lists, a book about the best-selling e-book on Amazon, who received a $25,000 book deal from Gawker.

The author has since launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to publish the book and the rest of the authors ebook.

If you are interested in this particular book, you can sign up for a $5 Amazon gift card to be matched with a coupon code that you can use on your Amazon purchase.

It can be worth $30 if you are able to spend $200 in a single transaction.

Gadget tip: If you find yourself at a bar with a bunch of people with the same name and want to ask them what their coupon is, you could use this trick: Ask them what they’re searching for and they’ll probably reply “crap.”

The person who has a coupon will probably give you a different coupon code instead of a different name.

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